Let's hit the beach! Top 10 essentials for fun & safety with your dog

Top Ten Trip Essentials for you and your dog

You've packed your sun cream, swimmers, flip flops and are ready to go! Let's not forget about all the essentials for your dog too....

The beach is such an exiting place for dogs to visit, there is nothing more enjoyable that watching a dog zooming around!

It is beyond important to make sure you are prepared for a trip to the beach with your dog as they will be running around like crazy and can easily overheat.

We do so hate to see dogs on the beach with no shade or water.  Imagine sitting in the sun with a big fur coat on and no way of cooling down! *sad ears*

This list is not just for the beach, but any day trip, holiday or night away.

Essential travel loot for dogs

Dogs using Ruffwear travel bowl

1. Fresh water

LOADS of it too pals! This is the most important thing you can take on any trips, but especially in warm weather.  Take a large bottle or a camping bottle of fresh water and a travel bowl. 

Ruffwear Quencher™ packable food and water bowl – Be More Bob

Ruffwear quencher travel bowl

We keep a travel bowl in the car as they are just so useful.

You can always use these bowls for kibble as well.

2. Drying robe / towel

Dog robe drying towel on a spaniel

Nobody likes putting a soggy doggy back in the car! These UK made drying robes are perfect for putting on after your swimming / beach visit.  They are super comfortable and warm too, so you can get all cosy after your adventures.

Combine with drying mitts for a nice scruff after your dip.

Dogrobes – Be More Bob

These are great for the house and car as you never know when you might need to dry off those paws!

dog drying mitts

3. Shade

Dogs will soon overheat and struggle to control their temperature, so it's absolutely imperative that you make shade.

Either choose a shady spot under a tree, or take a tent / umbrella / tarp with you to the beach.  Imagine sitting in the blazing sun with your warmest coat on, it would be totally unbearable!

4. Water toys

It's so much fun to play on the beach, either just on the sand or in the water too.

Ruffwear water toy

We've got great durable toys that are lightweight for you to carry to the beach, and they float so you can play in the water too - SWIMMING – Be More Bob

5. Float coat / dog life jacket

If you are doing some swimming or water activities (such as paddleboarding, kayaking, boating) then we'd recommend a Ruffwear float coat.

Dogs can get in trouble in the water as easily as humans can, and a float coat will help to keep them safe.

The grab handle will help you to lift and assist your dog if that becomes necessary.

Ruffwear float coat

Ruffwear Float Coat Life Jacket – Be More Bob

6. First aid kit

It is always a good idea to have a basic first aid kit for humans and dogs.

Carrying a few simple items will make a small incident much easier to deal with.  Find out how to put together a basic first with the Blue Cross - What should your dog first aid kit contain? | Blue Cross there are also some good tips on how to deal with certain first aid situations.

7. A long line (long lead)

Ruffwear knot a hitch long dog lead

Keep your dog safe but give them some freedom with the Ruffwear Knot-a-Hitch.  You can attach this to any tree or post.

Ruffwear KNOT-A-HITCH campsite dog-hitching system – Be More Bob

8. A pack out bag (poo bag holder)

Gah, there's nothing worse that having a full poo bag hanging around you all day! It's not always easy to find a bin, especially if you are down on the beach.

The Ruffwear Pack Out Bag holds your stash of poo bags and then you can put a full bag inside.

The water-resistant shell fabric and waterproof lining work in tandem with a waterproof zip for easy-to-clean odour containment. It includes an adjustable belt to carry it around the waist. Or, you can attach it directly to a backpack or bag, or your waist with the clip.

Ruffwear pack out bag

Ruffwear Pack Out Bag™ holds full dog poop bags – Be More Bob

9. Dog Cooling Vest / cooling coat

dog cooling coat vest ruffwear

A dog can overheat very quickly.  It doesn't even have to be that warm for some breeds to start to suffer.

Having a cooling coat or vest on will greatly improve their day!

Get the vest wet on the front and back (soak it through). Keep the vest wet by topping up as necessary.  The clever fabric will evaporate the water over time and keep your dog's temperature down. 

Wearing a cooling vest does not negate the need for shade and water!

10. Soap / brushes / calming spray / freshner

After that long zoom on the beach you may need a quick freshen up before dinner pals! We have a wide range of british made natural shampoo, calming spray (great for car journeys), freshing spray (good for wet dog smell) and brushes.

We also have detangle spray which, combined with a good brush or comb can really help with that sandy, tangly coat!

dog coat detangle spray

Grooming & Health – Be More Bob

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What are your top tips for days out, holidays and trips with your dog?  Let us know in the comments, we'd love to hear your ideas.


  • Bob you forgot to add treats/snacks for that picnic on the beach

    Sue elliott
  • Great pieces of advice Bob and family! We love being at the beach but shade and water are so important for our furry pals while we are there. The cooling vest sounds like a really good piece of kit that we don’t have…yet!

    Nicky Grace
  • Love all of this. The life jacket for you and your pup is so important. Plus something to put on their paws like booties or cream to keep those toe beans happy and healthy.

  • We used to take an extra dry towel or two so that Tess didn’t have to lie on the sand especially if it was warm and especially as she got older. Also, a lot of our nearest beaches have restrictions for when doggos are allowed on them so may be worth checking before you go – one of my friends was told off for letting her dog paddle in the sea even though she had carried him across the beach!!

    Alison Harrowell

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