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Our motto is simple; well-made, conscious, beautiful and practical. 

We look for products that are ethically made, use eco-conscious packaging and that share our values. We only ever stock items that we would personally use with our dog. We make sure that the companies we work with have the highest standards of operation.

We use minimal packaging and where plastic is necessary, we make sure it's recycled and recyclable.  We stock brands that use bio-degradable product packaging and we aim to compost our waste product.

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About Bob

Bob with his Tuffy starfish - one of the first really good quality toys we found for Bob - and one of the things that got us thinking....we can provide the best quality loot for dogs!

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Bob brings enormous fun and love to our lives and we think that everyone should aspire to Be more Bob.

This is Bob in his Ruffwear Flagline harness - the only harness we trust with our precious Bob. We found Ruffwear on a trip to the Lake District and were so impressed with the design and quality, that we knew we wanted to stock their kit when we opened our own dog store.

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Bob loves being in the shop and is our official meet and greet officer! He's a very friendly boy and gets along with all dogs.

However, if your dog is nervous or less keen on doggy company, just let us know and we will give you space.

ALL dogs are welcome - the barky ones, nervous ones, excited ones and all inbetween!

Come and meet Bob for cuddles and fun, he will probably try to show you all his good toys.

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