Apawtiser Hypoallergenic - Peanut butter jar

Apawtiser Hypoallergenic - Peanut butter jar

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Bob loves peanut butter! 

Apawtiser’s Peanut Butter for Dogs is not your average doggy peanut butter. Containing nothing but peanuts, it contains vitamins H and E. Vitamin H promotes a healthy, shiny coat, is good for your furry friends skin as well as strengthening claws. Vitamin E is good for the immune system.

You could smear it on your pup’s lick-mat. Or, put a dab on cupboard doors or hard floors to mesmerize your dog while they lick it off. Alternatively, why not place some on the side of the bath or tiles while bathing them to create an easy distraction. Apawtiser Peanut Butter for Dogs can also be mixed with a few treats and placed inside their favourite interactive feed toy.

As this is a completely natural product, the contents may separate slightly in transit. If this does occur stir well before use.

This is a complimentary treat for dogs and should be served in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Always ensure your dog has plenty of fresh water available.

Composition: Peanuts

Analytical Constituents (per 100g): Ash 2.1, Fat 50.1, Protein 31.0, Crude Fibre 7.8, Moisture 0.9