Citrus Sunshine Bar - handmade

Citrus Sunshine Bar - handmade

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This combination of essential oils is perfect for your dogs bath time to clean dirty spots, grass stains, and eliminate unwanted odours after maybe a roll in fox poo!

Or swimming in dirty ponds!

Citronella & Lemongrass have wonderful insect repelling properties and Peppermint & Spearmint help with allergies have antiseptic properties and can also relieve muscle aches and pain. It smells like a summer day!


100% Coconut Oil with Lemongrass, Peppermint, Citronella, Spearmint Essential Oils and White Poppy Seeds.

About the soaps

Our handmade coconut oil dog soaps provide a rich luxury creamy lather with just three ingredients they are both natural, vegan and perfectly balanced specifically for your dog’s skin pH level. We use natural free floating coconut oil in all our soaps which doesn’t lie heavily on the coat and works with your dog’s natural oils.

Particularly good for dogs with irritated, itchy and sensitive skins. Coconut oil has anti- fungal and anti- inflammatory properties and contains vitamin E creating a kind cleanser and making your dog’s coat extra shiny and soft whilst relieving allergies and soothing dry skin and hot spots. It’s also SAFE TO LICK!

Our soaps have been tried and tested and a 50g bar will give an average of 10 medium dog baths.

Perfect for bath days and to use as a maintenance bar of soap. Effective on grass stains, dirty faces and muzzles, greasy ears, dirty pond water and fox poo! We have soaps on natural hemp rope for ease of use and storage.

All our packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable and kind to the planet.

We have carefully selected safe amounts of essential oils to provide wonderful beneficial properties promoting the health, happiness and well- being for your special best friend! At the same time the mix of oils we use creates a gorgeous light scent that lasts.