Earth Animal No-Hide BBQ Chew

Earth Animal No-Hide BBQ Chew

Earth Animal
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No-Hide is the super-healthy, long-lasting, and mind-blowingly tasty chew. There’s no-thing like it on Earth. The smoky, savoury flavour on The Barbeque No-Hide is made with humanely raised chicken, turkey, and natural hickory smoke flavour. Each chew delivers a health, delicious chewable bliss!

Like all our other flavours of No-Hide Chews, The Barbeque is super healthy, long lasting, and mind-blowingly tasty. Serve the smoky, savoury chew to your dog during your own barbeques, at garden parties and picnics, and whilst on lazy-summer road trips!

The Barbeque is available in small and medium sizes for a limited time only.

Composition: Brown Rice Flour, Chicken (26%), Turkey (26%), Eggs, Olive Oil, Parika, Turmeric, Banana Powder, Pineapple Stem.Additives: Technical Additive: Agar-Agar (Vegetable Gelatine) 0.29mg/kgSensory Additive: Natural Hickory Smoke Flavour 1,500mg/kg

Advice from Earth Animal on chews.

More than anything, size matters and supervision counts.
Make sure to always pick the right size for your dog (We always recommend choosing a chew that is larger than the mouth). Always monitor your dogs while they chew and be sure they have plenty of fresh, clean water nearby. If they cannot be supervised, remove the chew from their reach.