Forthglade Adult Just Chicken
Forthglade Adult Just Chicken

Forthglade Adult Just Chicken

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Forthglade Adult Just Chicken Grain Free is a delicious and nutritious grain free meal that can be used as a topper or fed alongside mixer to ensure your dog gets a complete diet.
All of the recipes have been slow cooked to ensure maximum nutritional goodness is maintained throughout.

Made with 90% chicken
Hypoallergenic, grain free recipe
100% natural ingredients
For all dogs aged 2 months and over
395g tray

Forthglade Feeding Guide
Our recommended feeding amounts are here to help you, but no-one knows your four-legged friend better than you do, so do feel free to tailor them based on your dogs individual lifestyle. As a general guide if your dog is very active you should consider feeding a little more, and likewise if your dog isn’t very active you may want to consider feeding less.
This a complete wet pet food for dogs, but it can be used as an accompaniment to a good quality, natural dry food – just make sure your adjust the quantities to avoid over-feeding.
As with all changes to your dogs' diet - if you're using the product for the first time, you should gradually introduce it to your dog over a period of 5 days to avoid any unnecessary tummy upset.
Please ensure fresh drinking water is always available.
Dog Size Dog Weight Trays per day
Small 0 – 10Kg ¼ to ½
Medium 10 – 25Kg ½ to 1
Large 25 – 40Kg 1 to 1 ½
Extra Large 40 – 70Kg 1 ½ to 2