Ruffwear Just a cinch lead
Ruffwear Just a cinch lead
Ruffwear Just a cinch lead
Ruffwear Just a cinch lead

Just-a-Cinch lead - Aurora Teal

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The Just-a-Cinch is a rugged, climbing-inspired, utilitarian leash/collar combination. The "collar" is created by slipping the end loop over the dog's head and using the two silicone bumpers to set loose/tight range.

This creates a trustworthy, integrated correction leash or slip lead, eliminating the need to clip into a separate collar. Great for dogs who pull, and for spontaneous walks, training sessions, and road trips.

Reflective rope keeps people and dogs visible in low-light conditions.

  • Cinch lead design offers universal fit and a secure connection
  • Silicone bumpers slide to adjust a tight/loose range
  • Strong, supple, reflective kernmantle rope
  • Convenient accessory loop for pick-up bags or small clip-on items
  • Comfortable, easy-to-hold tubular webbing handle

1.5m Length, varies dependent on neck size used.

Colour match with the Knot-a-collar