Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker (subscription needed)
Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker (subscription needed)
Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker (subscription needed)
Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker (subscription needed)
Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker (subscription needed)
Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker (subscription needed)
Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker (subscription needed)

Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker (subscription needed)

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Why we chose to supply Pawfit.

  • Designed in the UK
  • Good subscription plans that don't cost the earth
  • Small and lightweight, but sturdy and waterproof
  • Unobtrusive, your dog won't notice it
  • AMAZING features, it's so clever

Learn about Pawfit
The Pawfit 2 provides a rugged and waterproof way for you to monitor your pets' activity and location.

It combines location tracking, activity monitoring and other pet protection features, giving you peace of mind whenever you unleash your pets.
The Pawfit 2 helps make sure your pets are healthy, safe and most importantly happy.

With the Pawfit 2 you get:

  • Real time location tracking and activity monitoring
  • Light and sound tracking
  • Removal alert, safety zone alert and adverse temperature alert
  • Audio ID tag that uses the latest text-to-speech technology
  • Pawfit voice for training your pets
  • Fully waterproof up to 3 metres (IPX8)
  • Embedded SIM with coverage in both Europe and North America
  • The Pawfit 2 requires a subscription plan; you can pay for 1 month, 6 months and 12 months plans, all available to select upon activation. Subscriptions start from just £3.59 per month.

Whether your pet is playing on the beach, or thousands of miles away from home, you know exactly where they are in real time and you can spot them in the dark too, with the built-in light and speaker! Coverage includes Europe and North America.

Motivates you to move with your pets! Keep track of their activity trends and needs and reward them when they hit their customised activity goal.

Know your pets favourite places and how often they visit! You might be surprised how big your pets’ social network is!

Get notifications when your pets leave any of the pre-defined zones to start their adventures. You also get alerts if the environmental temperature gets too hot or too cold, and when the device is removed from the collar attachment unexpectedly.

Not only people can see your pet’s name, but you can hear it, with all the desired information you choose to include. Not only useful if someone finds your pet when they’re lost, but also whose tracker is whose, if you have a few of them.

‘Rex, get the ball back’, ‘Come home’, you don’t have to shout to your pets anymore. You can deliver audible commands to your pet even they are out of sight.

Own more than one active pet? No problem, you can create and manage up to 4 pets and trackers in a single Pawfit account.

Invite up to 6 of your family members and friends to help look after your pets. They can enjoy looking at your pets’ favourite routes and activity achievements, also help to find them if they get lost.

Positioning: GPS, Wi-Fi, GSM
Weight: 30g
Data communication: GPRS
Dust and waterproof rating: IPX8
Audio alarm: Speaker
Adverse condition alert: Temperature sensor
Button: Power on/ off, also used for audio ID
Activity: 3-Axis accelerometer
Dimensions (main unit only): 50.0x34.9x14.7mm
Battery life: Lasts up to 6 days
Operating temperature: From-10 °C to +70 °C
Light: Tricoloured LED