Spring Treats Box - Duck/Lamb/Chicken/Fish!

Spring Treats Box - Duck/Lamb/Chicken/Fish!

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Grab yourself a selection of delicious treats this Spring!

Perfect as a gift to a special pal, or just for yourself!

Want to send as a gift?  Let us know your gift message in the 'notes' section on checkout and we will hand-write the message for you and include in the box.

Our Spring Treat Box contains a selection of noms for you to try:

GoodChaps Cat Fish Twirls 

Natures Deli Duck Bites

Natures Deli Chicken Strips

Brilliant Lamb & Beef Busy Day Bar

What's in your treats?

CatFish Twirls

100% Catfish Skins 
ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: 4.76% Moisture, 90.9% Crude Protein, 3.06% Ash, 0.1% Fibre, 8.66% Total Oil

Natures Deli Duck Bites

Duck Breast: 81.68%, Vegetable Glycerin: 5.6%, Vegetable Protein: 3.3%, Wheat Flour: 3%, Starch: 2.5%, Sorbital: 2.5%, Sugar: 1%, Salt: 0.2%, Potassium Sorbate: 0.1%,Citric Acid: 0.07% Sodium Erythorbate: 0.05%

Natures Deli Chicken Strips

Chicken Breast 89%, Vegetable Glycerin 3.9%, Sorbitol 3%, Vegetable Protein 3%, Modified starch 1%, Potassium sorbate 0.1%



Lamb & Beef Busy Day Bar

We source the best cuts of lamb and beef for maximum meatiness and high-quality protein. Then we ramp up the tastiness with apple, beetroot and carrot