WOOF Peanut Butter Coat Health

WOOF Peanut Butter Coat Health

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Wow pals look at this - yum yum our very own pot of peanut butter!!

Perfect for lickidy snacks, to smear in a Kong, for using with lick mats and more!

Here's what WOOF say about their yummy peanut butter.

"Coat Health" - your four-legged friend deserves a shiny coat thats the talk of the town! So why not treat them to the tastiest way to make it happen? With a daily scoop of this Woof Butter you'll be able to enrich their delicious diet with added vitamins and minerals they need to keep their coat pristine.

• Mouthwatering taste
• Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals
• The tastiest way to make your pup's coat shine
• No palm oil or preservatives
• Can be used for training or to hide tablets
• 250g Pack