Beat the heat with frozen treats!

Pals, the temperature this last week has been unbearable for pets!

We know you are all keeping safe and cool, drinking lots of water and not going for walks until the temp has significantly dropped!

Now is a great time to cool off with some homemade frozen treats pals! 

Here I am, staying shady!

How about these ideas:

Peanut butter and biscuit lollies

Simply mix a handful of what you have with the peanut butter (or you can keep it just to the peanut butter!)  You could try kibbles, some cut up fruit like strawberries or bananas, some carrot chunks, some peas maybe. 

Tip the mixture into an ice cube tray and place in the freezer.

Oooooo peanut buttery little cubes of cool gorgeousness!! 

We have lots of yummy peanut butters to choose from! Click here - Woof peanut butter

Watermelon cubes

Couldn't be easier pals, just mush up the watermelon (remove the seeds!) add any other little noms if you like, and put in ice cube tray - freeze for about six hours or so.

Yoghurt dippy strawberries

Grab some natural yoghurt (unsweetened and without added flavours please pals), cut off the green strawberry tips, dip those strawberries in that yoghurt!

Place in an ice cube tray or just on a piece of greaseproof paper and place in the freezer.

Be careful that these don't just get eaten by the hoos!

Have you got some of your own recipes to share?

three good dogs waiting for treats

Frozen treats for us please!

 **Pals as always, please be aware of your dog's dietary needs and don't follow any recipe that you feel may upset their tum.**


  • Mulch up some strawberries, mix with natural yoghurt or low fat custard and freeze. Use a large ice cube tray, these don’t last long.

  • I’ve just realised pals that I can’t reply to your lovely comments and recipe suggestions!
    So, just to say thank you so much for sharing! I’m going to try all of the great ideas!
    Love, Bob xx

  • Mum makes me frozen yogurt fruit cubes. Blend unsweetened plain yogurt with your pups favorite fruit (I love mango, raspberry, or blueberry). Pour into ice cube trays and place in freezer. Can serve “soft serve” in your pups favorite dish!


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