Ruffwear have used their years of experience to design a variety of jackets built to perform no matter what winter throws your way. Having the right gear is essential to keeping your pup comfortable and protected.

We stock a variety of styles at Be More Bob - but if you see a style that we don't stock, we can still order it for you from Ruffwear.

Here we are going to compare the jackets we stock, but you can also watch the Ruffwear video to see all the designs that are available.

Check out this useful comparison chart too.  Here you see tick boxes for warmth, waterproofness, weather conditions, and a tick for having a leash portal.

Ruffwear coat comparison


As you look through you can click on any title to take you to the coat in question!

Vert (waterproof - windproof)

The Vert is a serious dog coat.  It's so hardworking and yet really light and agile.  It's specifically designed for winter conditions and Ruffwear were inspired by mountain guide dogs when designing this coat.

As with all Ruffwear coats, it's great for layering and can be worn over a harness.

It has leg loops (which are optional, you don't have to use them) to keep the jacket in place in high winds.

For such a lightweight jacket it packs a serious amount of tech. It's designed to give good coverage and you will notice it comes quite far down the side of the dog's body.  

  Ruffwear Vert Coat

Bob in Ruffwear Vert  Bob in Ruffwear Vert

Here's Bob in his Vert.  It's actually quite long on him, but we are okay with that because it gives great coverage.  He's happy as a Bob in mud wearing it and sprints around no problem. See how it has a great coverage at the front, giving protection to the chest area.

Stumptown (quilted insulation) 

The Stumptown is a great everyday winter jacket.  It's warm and abrasion resisitent, so equally at home around town or out on country walks.  Its' made from recycled polyester which provides great insulation.  Perfect for cold crisps days!

It's great for layering too.  You can wear a harness underneath, or double down on your warmth by pairing it with a Fernie.  You can see Edie here in her Stumptown/Fernie layering.

Edie in Ruffwear Stumptown jacket and Fernie Sweater  Ruffwear Stumptown jacketRuffwear Stumptown jacket

Overcoat (Wind and water resistant)

The Overcoat is Ruffwear's classic cold-weather jacket. They call it a 'utility' jacket because it's practical, durable and does the job.

It's a vest-style jacket and has wind- and water-resistant outer fabric which protects against the elements.  The fleece lining keeps warmth in.

Again(!) great for layering!  Your dog can wear over a harness and pair with a Fernie if you like.

Here's Edie again, rocking the layered look!  She wears her Overcoat over a Fernie sweater.  The coat does have a harness hole, should you want to feed a lead through.

Ruffwear overcoat  Ruffwear overcoat


Overcoat FUSE (coat and harness in one!)

Now we are getting serious with our kit pals! The Fuse is a great piece of design that combines the warmth, practically and durability of the Overcoat WITH a harness built in!
Ruffwear describe this as a 'workhorse' of a jacket, and they aren't wrong.  Weather resistant, abrasion resistant, two lead attachment points, warm fleece lining.  
Ruffwear Fuse harness jacket combo  Ruffwear Fuse harness jacket combo



Use this guide to help you choose the right size.  You'll notice that different coats have different 'fits' - meaning that some are vest style, others are meant to come lower on the body.  However, the two most important measurements to know are your dog's girth (measure around front legs) and length (from back of neck to base of tail)

On the cusp of sizes?  Then size up - that's the general advice from Ruffwear.

Click here to see the size guide.

Ruffwear measuring guide

Got any questions pals?  Get in touch, we would love to help.

We've used a mixture of Ruffwear stock images and our own photos above.

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