Dental Health - a guide and some ideas on how to improve your routine

Pals, February is Doggy Dental Health Month!  We thought it a good time to take a look at the importance of keeping your toofy pegs and gums clean and healthy.

Remember to get your toofs and gums checked by the vettyhairyman.

We think the best way to take care of your dental health is to prevent problems before they arise.  Luckily, there are quite a few options on the market to help with that.

Let's look at some ideas.

We have chosen to stock natural options for dental health. 

All the chews, sticks and treats mentioned below are natural. 


There are lots of options on the market that are specifically designed to help clean teeth. These dental 'treats' often have a hard or abrasive exterior that can help scrape away plaque as you give it a good chew.

Forthglade Dental Sticks

All-natural and packed with plaque fighting minerals, Forthglade Dental chews can keep plaque and tartar at bay whilst being a scrumptious snack.

Although not a substitute for tooth brushing, we recommend giving your dog a daily dental chew to keep those pearly whites looking and feeling fresh.

Forthglade Dental Sticks

Forthglade Dental Sticks are plant based, made using natural ingredients and developed by vets to help you maintain a healthy dental routine. They’re ideal for supporting strong teeth, helping to remove tartar and plaque, and freshen breath.

Don’t worry if your dog gets through their dental stick very quickly, your dog will have the same great result whether they eat their dental stick quickly or slowly.

Features of Forthglade dental sticks:

🦷 Natural ingredients bursting with goodness and packed full of flavour

🦷 Help to remove plaque and tartar

🦷 Helps freshen breath with added peppermint and eucalyptus

🦷 Supports strong teeth with added with calcium

🦷 Plant based and grain-free perfect for even the most sensitive of tummies

🦷 One size fits all our dental sticks can be easily broken up so are suitable for dogs of all sizes

🦷 Suitable for dogs aged 1 year +

Edgard Cooper Dental Sticks

Edgard Cooper sticks are air-dried so it takes longer to chew through them.

Edgard Cooper dental sticksEdgard Cooper dental sticks


The tube-shaped design gives an effective clean for fewer calories. 

🦷 Suitable 4+ months

Whimzees Shapes


Made with only six primary ingredients, these fun, effective treats help remove plaque and tartar and reduce the bacteria that causes bad breath.Whimzees Dental

Edible, vegetarian, grain-free dental chew that is a healthy option for dogs with food sensitivities.

🦷 Knobby shapes ensures blood flow through the gums and prevents bad breath and tartar build-up.

🦷 Hollow shapes and spaces allow the teeth to easily grip and chew, with grooves that get in between the smaller spaces.

🦷 Low fat and rich in vitamins and antioxidants, plus fibre to promote regularity and aid in good digestive health.

🦷 Produced sustainably with no artificial ingredients, colours, flavours or preservatives or GMOs, gluten or meat.

🦷 Suitable 6+ months


Earth Animal No-Hide Chews

Chewing provides dental benefits as the chewing massages gums and helps to clean teeth. Chewing is a natural behaviour and should be encouraged - with the right kind of chew/treat! It helps to relieve boredom and reduces stress.

Earth Animal are made from just 6 simple ingredients plus 1 sustainably-sourced protein. 

🦷 Suitable 6+ months

Earth Animal no-hide chews

Choosing a good quality, natural chew is the key to keep your tummy and mouth happy! 

Earth Animal no-hide chews

JR Pet Natural Chews

We have a large range of JR Natural chews available. Again, having a daily chew will help your dog's dental health, so choosing a natural option is best.

JR Pet Natural Lamb Skin Chews

JR Pet Natural Lamb Twists

ALL JR Pet products are 100% natural, therefore they are good for your dog, easy on the tummy and perfect for as a healthy treat.

🦷 Suitable 3+ months

How often should you brush your dog’s teeth?

Although we brush our teeth twice-a-day, dogs don’t need as much of a rigorous routine. It is often advised that we brush our dog’s teeth between 2/3 times a week. You can supplement in-between brushing with a dental chew.

Dog dental stick

How do I start a dental routine?

With brushing/toothpaste/tooth gels, the earlier you start the better.  The ideal scenario is to get your dog used to the routine when they are a puppy.

However, for a lot of us (including Bob!), we didn't start as a pup and now we have the challenge of introducing some dental routine to our dog.

Before introducing your dog to toothpaste, try a few of these techniques to keep the action stress-free:

  • Massage your pet’s lips, teeth and gums – This will get your dog used to you touching their mouth and to the sensation of having their gums touched.  Keep the action short to start with, building up as you go.  Try and do this when your dog is naturally relaxed, say in the evening when you are all settling down.

  • Rewards please! – Put a small amount of toothpaste or dental gel on your finger for your dog to lick.  If licked, give your dog a treat (just a small morsel of something). This will familiarise your dog with the paste/gel and they will associate it with a good treato! Positive reinforcement - we know it works pals!

  • Once you start brushing, keep praising for a job well done, but if your dog starts to get agitated or uncomfortable, stop and try again later.

What do I need to get started? 

Dog toothbrush Dog toothpaste

Arm & Hammer Toothpaste 

🦷 The coconut oil-based formula lasts longer than water-based formulas & clings to teeth & gums, meaning the pet receives a long-lasting and effective clean.

🦷 The coconut oil-based formula lasts longer than water-based formulas & clings to teeth & gums, meaning the pet receives a long-lasting and effective clean.

🦷 NO chemicals! 

Arm & Hammer Doggie Toothbrush

This adult dog toothbrush is sized for all dog teeth including molars, incisors, canines, and both large and small teeth.

🦷 The 360 degree toothbrush for dogs have bristles that help break down plaque and tartar from your dog's teeth.

🦷 Efficiently cleans in 1/2 the time – The 360 degree clean toothbrush cleans your dog's teeth in half the time of normal dog toothbrushes.


I've tried, I've tried - but I just can't use a toothbrush!!!

Despite best efforts, some dogs just will not let you brush their teeth.  Either, you didn't start as a pup, or your dog doesn't like their mouth being touched.  Also, if your dog has plaque build-up, they may find brushing an unpleasant experience and really refuse to let you try.

Do keep trying if you's very much for the best.

However, if you've given it your best shot and it just isn't happening, there are a few no-brush options available. These options can also be used in conjunction with brushing, of course.

For all dog kind dog fresh breath

For All Dog Kind - Breath Freshener

Persistent bad breath can indicate that bacteria is building up in your dogs mouth.

For All Dog Kind's Breath Freshener foam tackles the build-up of tarter and plaque leaving long-lasting freshness in your dogs mouth banishing bad breath.

A safe but powerful blend of natural ingredients tackle the causes of bad breath and plaque build-up in the hard to reach places. Infused with Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid and Natural mint flavour our foam instantly freshens your dogs breath without the need for brushing.

Suitable for all breeds, these products can be used as frequently as required.

The TropiClean Fresh Breath Dental Range

The TropiClean Fresh Breath Dental Trial Kit is a no-brush routine of gel and solution for water.

FREE Dental Trial Kit with every pawchase over £30 in February
(whilst stocks last!)

This kit provides a 2-week supply of dental health.

A 0.5oz. bottle of Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel that helps remove plaque and tartar AND a 4oz. bottle of Dental Health Solution that helps provide up to 12 hours of fresh breath.

The dog dental kit is a safe and easy start to try a routine for your dog. 

free trial dog dental kit tropiclean

We will include a FREE kit with every purchase over £30 during February's Dog Dental Month! (whilst stocks last pals....)

What do you think pals, do you have any tips of your own to starting a good dental health routine?



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