When we conceived the idea to open our own shop for dogs the very first brand we wanted to secure was Ruffwear!


We found Ruffwear when we were on holiday with Bob in the Lake District.  He was a young and adventurous pup, a puller of lead, a zig zagger of walk and he certainly kept us on our toes!  The harness we were using at the time wasn't performing well and he kept backing out of it or wriggling around and getting it all caught up.

Thank goodness we found the Ruffwear Front Range!  The perfect every day harness, well designed, adjustable, a good fit and in great colours!  We were super impressed and soon invested in more gear.

Bob in his trusty Front Range...

Bob in his front range ruffwear harness

Now to 2021 and we get to launch the Ruffwear Spring collection - exciting times!


Ruffwear have sold over 1 million Front Range harnesses! We think this harness is an amazing product for a great price. We also love it as it fits so well across a range of sized dogs - we've sold Front Ranges to Dachshunds through to German Shepherds.

It is the perfect every day harness that wears amazingly well - ours is used daily through rain and mud and beach and still looks great! 

Pair with matching collars and leads or mix and match across the range.


  • Comfortable - the harness is foam padded for comfort
  • Adjustable - will fit most dogs from tiny to large - four points of adjustment and two lead attachment points. A 10cm fit adjustment means if your pup is still young, you can buy a Front Range and it will last you a good while as your pup grows in to it.  
  • Quality - strong, durable, washable
  • Price - an amazing price for a harness that will last and last

New 2021 colours include Blue Moon and Aurora Teal.

Click on any picture to see the product in detail!

 Blue Moon Ruffwear Front Range Harness  Aurora Teal Ruffwear Front Range Harness


Grab a collar and lead to match, also at great prices for such reliable, quality gear.


Front range ruffwear collarFront range ruffwear collar  



This is a new product for Spring 2021! The Front Range Day Pack includes many great features that make it perfect for walking, hiking, adventuring or  camping!

Ruffwear Front Range Day Pack
Ruffwear front range day pack

Some of the great features:

  • Foam-padded construction for comfortable extended wear
  • Five points of adjustment for an optimal fit
  • Three leash attachment points
  • Radial cut, weight-forward saddlebag design
  • Low-profile padded handle for controlled and comfortable lift and assist

As with all Ruffwear, it's the thought and quality of design that set them apart.

The features have all been designed to provide you with a practical harness that is comfortable for your dog and perfect for adventuring.


We are excited about all the beautiful new colours and designs being launched with the Flat Out Collar & Lead range.

This range is hard-wearing, practical and easy to put on/take off.  Combine that with fun designs and you've got a perfect combo for every day and longer adventures.  The lead is adjustable and can be hand-held or worn around the waist for hands-free walking.


  Flat out collar

Flat Out leash lead  Flat out lead leash


Also new for 2021 is the Switchbak range.

This harness builds on the great design of the Front Range and adds more features including a second belly strap for added support.  The pockets are great for essentials and the harness includes all the great design features you would imagine from Ruffwear.  

Ruffwear Switchbak harness

The matching lead is really versatile. Adjustable-length and double-ended, this lead is lightweight and can transition between waist-worn, over-the-shoulder, hand-held, as a coupler, double-clipped, and more.

Ruffwear Switchbak Lead

We hope you've enjoyed this quick tour through the Spring Range additions and updates. 

If you've got any questions, we'd be pleased to help.

The new gear will be in store from mid-February but you can pre-order now!

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