Ruffwear Day Packs - The Perfect Accessory for your Trip

Summer is the season for backpacking, camping, and long days on the beach or up in the hills.

If your dog is ready to carry his or her own gear the Front Range Day Pack and Switchback harness pack are the perfect piece of kit for your next adventure!

Let's take a look at them both...

Front Range Day Pack

With plenty of internal organisation and walk-minded details, this comfortable day pack equips dogs to carry the day's provisions on hikes and country pursuits.

The Front Range Day Pack incorporates Ruffwear's signature radial cut saddlebags with the customer-favourite Front Range® Harness platform - this means that the harness is built in, so you have a harness and pack system in one!

Dogs can help shoulder the load thanks to the integrated padded harness and belly strap that adjust for exceptional fit and pack stability.

The saddlebag geometry creates a passive compression system that is formfitting and supports efficient load carrying. There are three lead attachment options: a V-ring and a tow loop on the back, and a reinforced webbing loop on the chest – great for redirecting dogs that pull when on lead.


Front Range Day PackFront Range Day Pack - Aurora Teal


Swichbak Harness pack

The Switchbak Harness has the padded comfort of an everyday harness with the bonus functionality of carrying small essentials. The two low-profile zippered pockets have room to stash those day-to-day necessities like pick-up bags, a lead, or some treats.

It features two lead attachment options: a V-ring centered on the back and a reinforced webbing loop at the chest, great for redirecting dogs that pull on lead.

Find right fit with high adjustability and a padded belly strap – critical for stable gear carry and when giving a little boost with the low-profile handle.

All in all, the Switchbak melds comfort and convenience into a performance harness ready for both town and adventures.

Swichbak Harness pack


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