Staycation, pawcation - must takes for your next trip!

We take Bob everywhere with us and we always wanted it to be that way!

We have spent many glorious weeks by the seaside or in the Lake District with Bob, and we always take a few things to ensure he has what he needs on holidogs.

Here's our top ten list for dogcations!

1. Ruffwear Quencher packable food and water bowl

Invaluable for service station stops and pit stops.  Super lightweight and foldable, so perfect for hiking and camping too! 

Ruffwear travel water bowl

2. Ruffwear Stash Bag

The perfect little bag for keeping those all important poop bags.  Plus you can keep a bit of change for parking, or some keys in there too.  Attach to your lead or your belt.  Never run out of poop bags again!

Ruffwear stash bag


3. A selection of chews

You know what it's like when you are on holidogs - everyone is very excited!  All those new sights and smells!

So, when you settle down for a pint or a quick sarnie, it can be frustrating when you dog won't settle.  So, we always carry a few of Bob's favourite long-lasting chews to keep him occupied!


4. Pet Tracker / Safety Tracker

Dog-forbid that you should ever lose your dog - it's too awful to imagine.

However, if we are going somewhere unfamiliar then we always make sure Bob is wearing his Pawfit Tracker.  Should he chase off after a rabbit or somehow get lost, we can track him on our phone.

We don't just use this on holiday, he always wears one on his collar if he is going to be off-lead.


5. Ruffwear Float Coat

Maybe not an essential for every trip - but if we are going to be spending time in water then we always take a Ruffwear Float Coat.

This piece of safety equipment is a must for us as dogs can get in trouble in water just as easily as humans. 

It includes a strong handle for lifting your dog, so is great for paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking or general swimming.

ruffwear float coat

6. Balls! & Toys

Bob is ball obsessed and loves nothing more than his ball!  So we always have quite a few with us on any trip!

We have lots of throw and fetch toys - so whatever your dog enjoys most, make sure you take some toys with you!

If you are going to the beach then a flyer would be fun.  We also have lots of toys that float in case they accidentally end up in the water!

chuckit fetch medley of balls

7. Comfy bed and blanket

Dogs like routine, and they like things that smell of home and safety.

So, we always take Bob's bed and blanket with us on holidogs.  We actually take more than one, as he likes to sleep in one in the car.

All our beds are made in the UK and are washable, so they are practical as well as beautiful.

Our blankets are handmade by Sam Angel and are also washable.  It's useful to have a couple for the bedroom and car.

This Earthbound flat cushion bed for example has a removable cover, plus three sections of padding so that the bed doesn't clump and stays super plump and comfortable.

flat cushion earthbound bed

8. Ruffwear - JUST-A-CINCH reflective cinch lead

We find a slip lead really useful on holiday, because you may just want to nip out of the hotel or B&B for a pee-stop, and putting your harness on just takes a bit too long and, for Bob, can give off a signal that you are going out-out! 

Slipping on a quick slip lead is so easy and quick.  Also great for when you just need to stop quickly in the car etc.

Ruffwear - JUST-A-CINCH™ reflective cinch lead - Pumpkin Orange

9. Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Vest - Blue Lagoon

For us, a cooling vest is a must-have on holiday.  Bob overheats quite quickly and this vest keeps him cool and happy all day.  It's a brilliant piece of technical equipment from Ruffwear.  

It's comfortable to wear and doesn't impede running and adventuring. Top up with water on top and under tummy - keep topping up throughout the day to have one cool and collected doggo.

Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Vest - Blue Lagoon

10. Ruffwear Seat Cover

The Ruffwear seat cover is an absolute MUST for any holiday with your dog.  It keeps your car clean, free from all that sand and mud and water.

You can turn it into a hammock to stop your dog trying to get into the front seats, or if they like the security of that feature.

Tear-resistant, waterproof and comfortable fabric and grip coating on back surface keeps cover in place.  What a great piece of kit!

Ruffwear dirt bag seat cover

11. *NEW for 2022* Ruffwear Knot-A-Hitch

Voted 'the top piece of gear to take on your holiday' by The Times!

The Knot-a-Hitch is a campsite dog-hitching system using climbing-inspired components and hardware.

Designed with car camping in mind, this system allows dogs to roam at camp while remaining on leash. Tie between two trees or to a single post.

You can also use this on day trips to the beach, or frankly just use in your garden when you are having a BBQ and you want your dog to have freedom to roam, but not be running free.

Ruffwear Knot-a-hitch

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  • Great post Bob! A very useful list for paw 🐾 vacations. Mum has found the Ruffwear Knot-a-Hitch Dog Hitching system very handy on vacation. It’s a great way to let me safely have a little hands free roaming time away from home! ❤️ Ceri

    Ceri Raburn

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