When we were researching food for our own dog we had two things in mind.  Quality for our dog and quality of the food chain.  We want to be as responsible as we can when feeding our dog.  

When we met Edgard & Cooper it all clicked for us - these are our kind of people and our kind of company, we thought.  Responsible, caring, knowledgeable and all importantly, the food is of the very best quality.

Let's talk poop!

We get a lot of people in store who are struggling to find a dog food that doesn't upset their dog's stomach.  And let's face it pals, it shouldn't be that hard.  Good quality food in....good quality poop out.  

I can hand on heart tell you that Bob has good poop.  Solid stool as they say.  That's because he eats a good quality food, with no nasty fillers, nothing artificial.....why would we feed our dogs anything artificial!  

Bob eats Edgard & Cooper kibble.  You will find that with a good quality, high meat content food, that your dog will eat less as it fills them up properly.  They will have good poop!

"We use lots of fresh, natural ingredients, and slow cook them to preserve flavour and nutrition. And we source from the best suppliers – local where possible, and with similar values."

Edgard & Cooper

Got a fussy eater?

Try Edgard Cooper!  Fussy eaters love fresh meat.  Also, you can buy a couple of tins or a small bag of kibble and it won't break the bank.  You can then test if your fusspaw likes it, and we think they will!

Got a sensitive tum?

Edgard Cooper food does wonders for a sensitive tum.  It's just meat and filler (some dog food uses grain or potato to 'bulk' up the content, and that can upset some dogs' tums.)  

Don't have a sensitive tum?  Great!  But you still want your dog to eat the very best quality food right?  Just because your dog 'can eat anything', doesn't mean they should.  We think your dog deserves a brilliant quality, balanced food to keep them as fit and healthy as possible.

Just some of the reasons we love Edgard Cooper so much:

  • 100% biodegradable kibble bags
"We’re the first pet food brand with a full range of bags made from biodegradable materials - which means they’ll break down naturally." Edgard Cooper
  • 1% of EC sales go to charity

  • Fresh meat!

  • Real fruit & veg

  • Root veg

  • Grain Free

  • Simple, wholesome

  • Slow baked for goodness & flavour

  • Excellent standards of animal husbandry

Traditional way of making dog food


Ground-up bones and tendons 
Nutritionally poor processed meat meal 

Much harder to digest

The Edgard Cooper FRESH way to make dog food
Utterly irresistible fresh meat
Natural, healthy nutrients and anti-oxidants
Naturally easy to digest

There are lots of yummy flavours of kibble and wet food to choose from.  


Forging a different path (details taken from EC website!)

"When Louis and Koen first asked suppliers to try a recipe using fresh meat (plus fruit, vegetables and herbs), everyone said it couldn’t be done." 

Louis and Koen worked hard to find a solution, partnering with a university for support. 2.5 years later, they finally found the right combination of ingredients and partners."

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