Why we stock Forthglade food and treats

In this series of 'why we stock', we look to explain the process we went through to make sure everything in our store is the best of the best. 


This month we take a closer look at Forthglade food and treats.

dog in a bed with bag of forthglade dog food next to him

How did we choose what to stock?

When starting our store we were faced with 100s of brands of food and treats.  We were bedazzled and confused by the variety, as we are sure many people are when they go in to larger stores.

So, we based our decisions on our own personal ethos of what we feed Bob

- Natural
- Quality ingredients
- High standards of production
- Good for you!


I'm always saying it, Bob eats better than we do! ~ Sharon ~

Obviously, many other brands are available, but we've chosen what we believe are the best in each class.

How did we choose Forthglade

The first part of our journey, before opening our store, was to visit many pet industry trade shows.

We had the pleasure of meeting the management team of Forthglade at one show and we were impressed with their passion and ethos about dog food as well as their wealth of experience.

The main things that we loved about Forthglade

  • Family started business, born from wanting to feed their own dog quality food
  • Devon made wet food
    Southampton made treats
    EU made dry food
    This is HUGELY important to us, EU/UK standards of production are key!
  • 100% natural - no compromises from us, it HAS to be 100% natural
  • High meat content, no junk or filler
  • Uncomplicated recipes
  • Great 'production' methods and values
  • Impressive awards
  • Links to charities
  • Recyclable sleeve and tray for wet food and bags for treats

Forthglade donates to five charities every single month.  Find out more here.
Click here for more info on Forthglade's sustainable practices.


With Forthglade, you'll always know what to expect. We’ve been producing wet, dry and natural treats for over 50 years, and have your dog’s nutrition covered!

forthglade dog food

Other key reasons for choosing Forthglade included

  • Great for dogs with sensitive tummies
  • Food for all life stages (puppy, adult, senior)
  • Grain free recipes 

Let's look at the options

Wet Food - Grain Free

forthglade wet dog food

Great for dogs with sensitive tummies, Forthglade's grain free dog food range is supplied in single or variety recipe packs. With a 75% single protein source across the range, and packed full of veg, these recipes are their most popular. Forthglade also include added vitamins and minerals tailormade for your dogs needs and life stage.

🍗 Forthglade has a purpose built factory in the heart of Dartmoor, Devon to provide your pups with wholesome, high quality dog food.

🍗  good quality ingredients, added vitamins, oils and minerals to keep your dog healthy.

🍗 less processed, Forthglade's grain free range is less processed making it great for sensitive tummies


Dry food - cold pressed

forthglade cold pressed dog food

Forthglade's cold pressed dry food is made using natural ingredients with added vitamins & minerals to ensure it contains everything your dog needs to stay happy & healthy.

You don't need to mix the dry food with anything else, but if you prefer to mix up mealtimes, it's the perfect companion to the complete wet food ranges.

What does cold pressed mean and how do you make it?

🥕 Starting with good quality ingredients, Forthglade only heat the ones that need it (proteins and sweet potato) then add vitamins, oils and minerals

 🥕 then gently press them at a low temperature to seal in natural goodness and flavour

🥕 They are then formed into great-tasting, easy to digest, bite-sized pellets

🥕 The production of 'cold pressing' means that all the goodness and tastiness says in, making this a great alternative to raw food too.  So, if you feed raw food but need to go away for a few days, try Forthglade as an alternative.

forthglade cold pressed dog food

forthglade cold pressed dog food


Wet Food - 'JUST' Range

forthglade dog food just range

Forthglade's highest protein recipes, the Just 90% natural dog food range should be fed alongside a mixer such as the natural dry cold pressed dog food for optimum nutrition and health. This makes them perfect for tailoring mealtimes so your dog gets just what they need.

🐄 This high proteins range is perfect for owners who want control and ownership over their dogs diet. A conveient option in-line with a raw diet.

🐄 Add a good quality mixer such as Forthglade natural dry cold pressed food or carbohydrates such as pasta, brown rice or vegetables, creating added texture and variety.

🐄 Forthglade take good quality ingredients and add minerals to keep your dogs healthy. The simplist recipes in the range.

🐄 Suitable for all ages. Starting from puppies 2 months+

 forthglade just dog food

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Forthglade Treats

NOW we are talking! Bring on the treatos!

Forthglade have a range of 100% natural soft treats that are perfect for all dogs.

They come in three categories, Training and Reward, Wellbeing and Everyday indulgence as they call it.  We call it every day good boy and every day good girl!!

All Forthglade treats are suitable 2+ months up to golden oldie - perfect for ALL dogs.

All Forthglade treats are grain free. Perfect for dogs with allergies and sensitive tummies. 

forthglade dog treats

Training and Reward treats


Rewards soft bites 

Tasty chicken with liver combination

texture: semi-moist, easy to break into smaller treats
key ingredients: chicken with liver


forthglade reward dog treats

NEW meaty nibbles

Irresistible meaty rewards with 75% chicken
texture: soft, meaty bite sized morsels for easy use whilst training
key ingredients: chicken with liver


forthglade meaty nibbles dog treats

Plant-based rewards soft bites

A delicious plant-based treat
texture: semi-moist, easy to break into smaller treats
key ingredients: honey & banana


forthglade reward dog treats


forthglade natural dog treats

Wellbeing treats

Fresh breath soft bites

routine: perfect for mornings to start their day with a burst of freshness
benefits: freshen breath as part of a balanced dental care routine
key ingredients: peppermint & parsley


forthglade fresh breath dog treats

Joints & bones soft bites

routine: perfect for when out walking
benefits: helps to support the development and maintenance of healthy joints & bones
key ingredients: salmon oil, glucosamine & chondroitin


forthglade joints and bones dog treats

Digestive health soft bites

routine: perfect for after meal times & when travelling
benefits: support good digestive health, good for travel sickness
key ingredients: parsley, ginger & chicory


forthglade digestive dog treats

Plant-based dental sticks

routine: perfect for mornings
benefits: helps remove plaque & tartar, freshen breath & support strong teeth
key ingredients: peppermint, eucalyptus, added calcium


forthglade dog dental sticks

Calming soft bites

routine: perfect for before bed, or when you need a quieter moment
benefits: helps your dog settle & relax
key ingredients: camomile, lavender, lemon balm


Forthglade calming dog treats


 Forthglade dog treats

Every day good doggo treats


Gently cooked

These air-dried meaty treats and hand-baked soft bites use gentle cooking methods to seal in the natural goodness.

forthglade dog treats forthglade dog treats forthglade dog treats 

Natural soft bites with lamb, turkey, salmon

texture: semi-moist, easy to break into smaller treats
key ingredients: salmon & sweet potato, turkey & sweet potato, lamb & sweet potato

forthglade dog treatsforthglade dog treats

National Trust soft bites

Gourmet natural soft bites

texture: semi-moist, easy to break into smaller treats

key ingredients: salmon and herring or chicken and duck


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You’ve heard it before, ‘you are what you eat’ - and this is just as relevant for your pet as it is to you. A good diet is crucial to your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. At Forthglade our aim has remained the same since we opened our doors in 1971; to produce simple, wholesome & natural meals for dogs which provide them with the nourishment they deserve. You only need to see and smell our food to appreciate the quality. ~ Forthglade ~

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