Christmas Bundles of fun! Dog toys, treats and more for Christmas!

Yipppppppppeeee Santa Paws is already stocking up for the festive season!

The pawfect time to be spoilt even more than normal!

Shop our brilliant festive bundles of dog toys and treats. You will have such fun opening your parcel on Christmas Day!

christmas dog toys treats

All my favourite things in one bundle! 

A high bounce ball, perfect for ballee games!

A squeaky pig - need I say more? Oh my Bob how I love a squeaky pig!

A Shakers Reindeer, I love how long he is because I like to carry him around and shake him about!

An Earth Animal No-Hide chew, our best selling chew and my favourite for taking to the pub to keep me quiet (hang on....maybe it's actually mum's favourite!)

A Kong Wubba Reindeer, he's got a ballee type body so I love playing with him and I to play tug-o-war with this dangly bits.  Tee Hee.

My absolute favourite favourite Innocent Hound Venison Sausages!

Shop this bundle and more in my Santa Paws Christmas Workshop!

Christmas – Be More Bob

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