Christmas Treats - Gift Guide

We've got a ton of amazing Christmas loot for you pals, just ready for the perfect cosy Christmas season!

Countdown to Christmas

Countdown with a nomtastic advent calendar! We have the best calendars you can get your paws on.

Let's start with the pure meat advent calendar from JR Pet! Suitable for all dogs 2+ months.

Hypoallergenic and includes 100% meat Training Treats alternated for days 1 to 24 and a whole pack of meat sticks for the perfect Christmas Day!!

jr pet pure meat advent calendarJR Pet pure meat advent calendar

Venison & Turkey 


Grab all your favourite Good Boy treats in this advent calendar! A mix of beef bites, chewy chicken stars, duck bites, beef fillets, 3 bird roast strips and chewy chicken strips *dribbles*

Suitable 4+ months

good boy advent calendar


Or what about this yummy Lily's Kitchen Advent Calendar?

A selection of three delicious biscuits, Cheese & Apple Training Treats, Rise & Shines bites and Bedtime Biscuits - nom nom nom.

Suitable 4+ months

Lily's kitchen advent calendar

Your new Christmas best stuffed friend!

We've got the best selection of quality stuffed friends for you this Christmas! Here are a few of them, see our full selection on our Christmas pages!


christmas dog toys

1. Kong Shakers Luvs Reindeer 2. Snuzzles Reindeer 3. Snoop Snowman 4. Kong Holiday Wild Knots Bear 5. Kong Holiday Floppy Knots Reindeer 6. Kong Sherps Reindeer 7. Bowie Bear 8. Kong Comfort Polar Bears 9. Kong Cozie Reindeer 10. Kong Holiday Comfort Hedgehog


Now for the most important thing - those Christmas noms!

christmas gift guide for dogs


As always we've selected the most nomtastic treats for you this Christmas! From our forever favourite Earth Animal long-lasting chews to Christmas hampers and crackers full of 100% meat treats!

1. Rosewood treat selection box 2. Hollings gourmet sausages 3. JR Pet meaty crackers 4. Lily's Kitchen festive treast tin 5. JR Pet meaty hamper 6. Rosewood peanut butter Nutcrackers 7. Earth Animal Feast chews 8. Hollings tub of festive treats


Keeping cosy on your Christmassy walks and indoors of course, brrrrrr


dog jumpers and fleeces

Our selection of sweaters, robes, jumpers and fleeces cover all dogs from the smallest breed up to the gorgeous big woofers!

1. Ruffwear Hemp Hound Sweater - hemp and cotton 'mid-layer' to keep you comfortable all season.  This sweater is designed to be layered, so can be worn alone, or in tandom with your waterproof coat and harness.

2. Dogrobes - these 'made in the UK' robes are super absorbent to get you dry and keep you warm after wet walkies.  They are just so comfy for wearing around the house too, and some nervous dogs like to wear one for comfort.

3. Jumpers - Our beautiful 100% cotton jumpers are not just stylish, they will keep you lovely and snug with their polo neck style.

4. Ruffwear Fernie fleeces are super warm, quick drying and perfect for all seasons.  Again, meant for layering, you can wear your fleece alone or with your harness and/or waterproof on top.  Perfect for wet walks, beach visits, windy bimbles or for relaxing at home.


New balls please! Christmas balls that is!

dog christmas balls

Surely Christmas isn't Christmas if you don't get some new balles in your stocking? 

We've got a super fun collection of Kong and Sportspet balls to choose from in fun colours and patterns.  WHO could resist a Christmas Pudding ballee? Not me pals, not me!

1. Kong Holiday Occassions balls (tennis ball size) 2. Kong Holiday Squeak Air balls (tennis ball size) 3/4. SportsPet Snowflake Glitter balls - available in High Bounce, Tough Bounce and Mini Bounce varieties 5. Sportspet Xmas Pudding balls - available in High Bonce and Tough Bounce 


Thank you for taking a look through our Christmas loot suggestions, pals.  You can find all these wonderful items, plus more on our Christmas pages!


What is your perfect Christmas dog-days? Let us know in comments below what your plans are for the festive season!

Do you have any special trips planned, lovely walks or traditions?

Do you get your own dinner on Christmas day? Will you be having any fur-friends over during the festive month?

We'd love to know what you like to do at Christmas! Love Bob xxx

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