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When we started Be More Bob, one of the things I was really keen on providing was British designed and made products.  I believe we make the most wonderful things in this country and it makes me happy to find and work with the best of British designers and makers.

There are many benefits to buying British from more sustainable practices through to carbon footprint.  We always meet and grow a relationship with our British suppliers and it's a pleasure to sell such lovingly made, quality items.

Here are some of my favs:

Dog fish treats made in devon

Goodchap's is a brilliant British brand.  A family owned company producing natural fish treats from the catch in Devon.  All packaging is recyclable, including the 'plastic' coverings, which aren't plastic at all, but made from seaweed!


dog toy rope

Goodchap's also make 100% unbleached cotton toys which are great for play and keeping teeth clean too!

handmade dog treats

Apawtiser are a family company hand-making hypoallergenic dog treats. Their own dog, Mac, has a complex set of intollerances, so the family started making their own treats.  They went down so well with Mac and friends that they've expanded into a brilliant company.  All packaging is recyclable.

handmade dog shampoo

Another family success story! The Grey Dog Company are a husband and wife team handmaking all their glorious soaps. Again, inspired by a need for their own dogs, these products are special as they are made with the love of dogs in mind.

"Our dogs Hettie and Foster where the inspiration for our family business. After Foster was diagnosed with a rare birth defect at 8 months old his coat was dull and skin irritated. I learned how to make soap for him and found my friends, neighbours, colleagues and family loved it so here we are spreading the joy of this wonderful product so that your best friend can benefit too." 

All hand-made, completely natural, no plastic!

british made dog treats

The Dog House treats have been developed by people who know best - dog trainers!

Founded in 1994 by Mark Thompson and Gillian Quek, The Dog House is a much-loved activity holiday and education centre facility designed exclusively for the teaching and enjoyment of dogs.

"Our years of experience have taught us that food is a key resource in a dog’s daily life, however we frequently see dog treats being over, and inappropriately, used. As a result, we’ve created a range of unique food products that can be used correctly to enhance your dog’s behaviour, whilst helping maintain good health and well-being."

forthglade devon made dog treats

Forthglade is a Devon based company and all of their natural food and treats are made in Devon! With 50+ years' experience, Forthglade know what's good for your dog.  

"We believe that your pet’s food should be wholesome, nourishing and uncomplicated – so we keep our recipes simple and our meals naturally nutritious" ~ Forthglade

wooden dog gift

We love anything unique and handmade and these wooden dogs certainly fit the bill.  Lovingly shaped and hand-painted by Tracy, each dog is different and they make lovely gifts.  We've got lots of breeds to choose from.

handmade dog bone toy

Helen is our hero of handmade crafts.  She works with us to create seasonal exclusive bandanas and she also crafts these lovely squeaky bones. The perfect gift for a pup!

made in the uk dog bed

Earthbound beds are a notch above any other beds we have found.  Made in the UK from premium fabrics, these beds contain three sections of filling to ensure they stay plumped and comfortable.  They come in a range of styles, colours and sizes.  Washable too!

dog note book

We stock a range of wonderful British made greeting cards and stationery.  This Mumford & Dog 'lab notes' book is so cute and makes a wonderful gift for someone...or for yourself!

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