By far the most frequent questions we get asked in store are around the subject of chewing. 

'What chew will last a long time?'

'What can I give to my dog to keep them occupied?'

'What can I do to stop my dog chewing?'

'What can I give my puppy to chew?'

Here are some hints and tips pals, and I'm afraid some home truths.


It's a natural behaviour and a necessary behaviour for dogs to chew.  It keeps their mouth healthy, it relieves boredom and it stimulates their mind.  Also, often when a dog is stressed it will chew something to try and calm themselves down - you've all seen pictures of half eaten sofas and chewed table legs!

If your dog doesn't have an outlet for chewing, it may turn to your furniture or clothing....or whatever it can find.  It won't differentiate between the things you hold dear and its need to chew.

Lastly there's the naughty factor.  Bob loves nothing more than stealing a sock as it means he gets chased around the house - and that is super fun!


'What can I do to stop my dog chewing?'

  • Buy them something specific to chew.
  • Keep their mind occupied with games and activity.
  • Don't leave them alone too long.
  • If they are chewing due to stress you will need to tackle the underlying reasons.

'What chew will last a long time?'

  • The length of time a chew will last really depends on your dog!  A strong jaw or a keen chewer will obviously get through things faster.
  • Remember, you can take the chew away!  Let your dog have chewing sessions, but take the chew away after a period of time and save it for later.  They don't have to eat the whole thing in one go!
  • Rawhide is strong, that's why you find it in a lot of chews.  
    • 'But I've heard rawhide is bad for dogs!'  That's not necessarily true pals.  Most dogs are completely fine with rawhide.  It takes a few days to digest, so it's a once or twice a week treat rather than a daily chew.  Some dogs (a small minority) have difficulty in digesting rawhide and so they prefer a no-hide solution.

'What can I give to my dog to keep them occupied?'

  • A chew! Chewing will keep your dog's mind occupied as well as their jaw.
  • It's a natural instinct to chew and it will calm them as well as occupy them.
  • We are a broken record with this one pals.....but ALWAYS supervise your dog when they are chewing.  Always.

'What can I do to stop my dog chewing?'

  • You shouldn't want to stop your dog chewing, it's a natural and necessary behaviour.  You just need to give them something specific to chew on!

'What can I give my puppy to chew?'

  • Now, that's a question we get nearly daily!  Up until 6 months your pup's teeth and jaw are not strong enough for adult chew products.  So, you need to be patient and use the products that have specifically been designed for pups.  See our blog on puppy products!



  • Dogs love them!  They go crazy for them.
  • They last a good while
  • No-hide means they are good for all tums 
  • They contain just 6 healthy ingredients (brown rice flour, organic egg, agar-agar, olive oil, banana, pineapple & one source of meat)
  • Easy to digest
  • No additives, bleaches or chemicals
  • Good for teeth!
Earth animal no hide chicken chew

It's very important to buy the right size chew for your dog and ALWAYS please pals, ALWAYS supervise your dog when chewing anything.  A dog should never be left alone with a chew.

earth animal no hide chew size guide

Our other top sellers are:


They are made from a mix of skimmed Yak and Cow milk. A very small amount of lime juice and salt is added to coagulate (harden) the milk, which is then compressed into blocks and smoke dried for 28 days to give the chews their unique flavour.

Yakers dog chew


Plutos Cheese Bones contain 100% natural ingredients and are made from the pure and natural protein casein, which cleans teeth and promotes dental protection against bacteria. Casein slows digestion and promotes fat loss by increasing metabolism.

Plutos dog chew

Again pals, remember to supervise your dog when it is chewing!


You will have heard of Kong, the leading brand of dog chew toys.  Kong was created in 1970 by Joe Markham who noticed that his destructive dog Fritz was in love with a rubber part from a bus that he was fixing! 

Choosing a Kong Classic

You can choose by the size of your dog, or by the breed - click here for the official size guide!

Classic kong dog toy

Getting the most from your Kong

When you first get your Kong and squirt in a bit of cheese, your dog will love it!  But, they are clever things and will soon get bored if it's too easy!  So, you need to learn how to stuff your Kong!

There are loads of videos online with suggestions on what to stuff in your Kong.  You can freeze it too, which means it will take longer for your dog to get the goodies.

Extra tips to make it interesting

  • Use your *excited ears* voice when giving the Kong - OOOOoooooo what's this! What's this!!!' 
  • Play a bit first to make it really interesting and a great prize
  • Point out the yummy treats - 'What's in here! Oooooo what's in HERE!'

Click here for more Kong recipes 

As well as the Classic Kong there are lots of other designs to keep your dog happy.  Click here to see all of our Kong products.

Kong goodie boneKong goodie ribbon

How to stuff a Kong Goodie Ribbon video - click here!

Happy chewing pals!

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