Watersports with your dog - Stand up Paddleboarding, Kayaking etc

Taking your dog on the water is such a fun thing to do!  Most dogs can swim naturally, although some breeds are better at it than others.  Despite this, dogs can just as easily get into trouble in the water, or become tired quickly if the current is strong.

Breeds such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers are natural swimmers, but with shorter legs and flatter noses like Pugs, Bulldogs, Basset Hounds and Dachshunds often struggle to stay afloat.

The Ruffwear Float Coat Life jacket supports dogs as they swim and the handle and overall design makes it easier for you to help get them back on your equipment quickly.

Click here to see a comprehensive video explaining the Float Coat design and features.

Click here for a video on how to fit the Ruffwear Float Coat.

Ruffwear float coat, man lifting dog on to paddleboard using handle

If you are new to paddleboarding (SUP) with your dog, Ruffwear have a great video to show you the basics - click here.

If you are taking your dog paddle boarding or kayaking, pack plenty of treats with the waist-worn Treat Trader so you can reward your dog often as they get the hang of a completely new skill.

Ruffwear treat trader

Sitting still on a board can be a lot to ask of some pups. A play session with the floating Lunker Toy before getting on board or during a shore break goes a long way for making the whole experience fun.

Ruffwear lunker water toy

Ruffwear lunker toy and float coat being used on the water

We've got lots of other fun floating water toys.  They are lightweight, easy for your dog to fetch and carry and durable too.

Check out all our gear for fun in the water - click here.

The Rukka Life jacket and floating lead are a perfect pairing for fun on the water.

The super light life jacket fits with velcro straps and extra clips. There's a lift and assist handle (use the handle in conjunction with holding your dog under their stomach) and reflective trim.

The floating lead comes in three lengths and gives you that extra step of security when playing in the river, lake or sea.

rukka dog life jacket rukka dog floating lead

Knowing which bodies of water are safe for your dog is imperative.

Here are places you should avoid when taking your dog for a swim:

Stagnant ponds, canals or pools of water – the stagnant water may contain toxins and pollutants and various bugs.

Reservoirs – often have some very strong undercurrents and can be very deep and cold

Fast-flowing water – the rapid currents can cause dogs to be swept away no matter how strong your dog is as a swimmer, always avoid fast water

Flood waters – these are often full of debris which can injure your dog and you!

If your dog loves to play a game of fetch in a river or lake it is safest if you get in the water with them! That way, they can swim back to you instead of jumping in and out of the water. If your dog is very young or older, then jumping in can cause joint strain.

Obviously you know your own dog best, so you can have fun based on their ability.

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