Tiny Tiger Rulz

Tiny Tiger Rulz

Tiny Tiger
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My house, my rulz!

Kitty is filled with premium Canadian Catnip and a little wadding. Handmade from cotton and fully lined for added strength. 9.5cm x 11cm all measurements are approximate.

Sardine is handmade from cotton, fully lined for extra durability and generously stuffed with extra strength premium Canadian catnip and a little polyester stuffing. Catnip is always the main ingredient in all our toys. Catnip Sardines measure 20cm x 4cm, each toy is individually handmade measurements may vary slightly.

Meeces are made from offcuts of fabric and stuffed with premium Canadian catnip a little polyester fiberfil and finished off with felt ears and a little string tail. Each meece measures 8cm x 4cm  as each item is individually handmade measurements may vary very slightly.