Apawtiser Hypoallergenic - Peanut Butter Cookies
Apawtiser Hypoallergenic - Peanut Butter Cookies

Apawtiser Hypoallergenic - Peanut Butter Cookies

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Dogs love the taste of peanut butter and we bake 100% pure peanut butter into these cookies.  Topped with our own, palm-oil free, carob drop.

Composition: rice flour, apple puree, peanut butter (20%), gram flour (chickpea, yellow split pea), carob drop (peanut butter, coconut oil, carob powder (carob))

Analytical Constituents (per 100g): Ash 1.2%, Crude Fibre 14.1%, Crude Protein 14.7%, Moisture 8.9%, Total Oil 19.9%

80g bags

About Apawtiser:

Mac the cocker spaniel has complicated dietary needs, so his parents decided to start their own treat company, to make sure Mac gets treats that don't upset his tum.  Here is their story...

Unfortunately, when he was a pup, we noticed that he would get a lot of stomach upsets – we won’t go into too much detail! After a trip to the vet to be allergy tested, we found out that he has intolerances to most food you would expect a dog to be able to eat.

This severely limited what he could eat without any unpleasant side effects. We struggled to find any treats which he could have. This led us to develop our own range of dog treats which were more suited to sensitive tummies.

Apawtiser offers a range of treats which can be adapted to suit individual doggie dietary requirements using ingredients known to be tolerated by most dogs. All recipes have been rigorously taste-tested by our ‘in house’ expert - Mac!  They have to pass the drool test!