Canophera Coffee Tree Wood Chews
Canophera Coffee Tree Wood Chews

Canophera Coffee Tree Wood Chews

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Canophera are 100% natural wood chews made from coffee tree wood.

Coffee wood is hard and doesn't splinter, making it a satisfying chew for teething puppies and for all dogs.

Great as a natural dental chew too, as the fine wood fibres act like a toothbrush.

100% wood, no artificial ingredients, calories, caffeine or sugar.

Any fine wood fibres that come off the stick are safe to swallow and will digest.  However, make sure you remove any chunks that may break away.

Please note: Canophera Coffee Wood Chews are a natural product and dogs should be supervised at all times.

Make sure you buy the appropriate size for your dog.  Most importantly do not buy a chew that is too small for your dog's weight.

Available in sizes:

Extra Small for dogs up to 5kg, Small for dogs up to 10kg, Medium for dogs up to 20kg, Large for dogs up to 30kg

Small - Approximate Dimensions (Product): 2.5 x 20 x 2.5cm

Medium - Approximate Dimensions (Product): 4 x 22 x 4cm

Large - Approximate Dimensions (Product): 5 x 24 x 5cm