Good Boy - Chewy Twists - Chicken - 90g
Good Boy - Chewy Twists - Chicken - 90g

Good Boy - Chewy Twists - Chicken - 90g

Good Boy
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I’m made with 100% natural chicken breast and am sure to get your dogs’ tail wagging. Super scrummy chicken is wrapped around my chewy rawhide centre, creating the perfect treat for rewarding your pooch at home or whilst out and about.
I’m also available as a bulk bag for even more chewy fun!

I’m the perfect complementary snack to add to your dogs well-balanced diet. I’m roasted in my own juices which makes me irresistibly tasty for your four-legged friends. Not only this I’m really low in fat making me a fantastic treat for every dog.
My favourite trick is making dogs’ tails waggle all over the world, and not only that, I contain no artificial nasties, no gluten and no wheat OR cereals meaning I’m the perfect treat for those more sensitive tummies.
What’s more, the chewy texture of my rawhide also makes these tasty treats great for your dog’s dental hygiene. It’s simple really, all dogs like to chew – it’s a natural instinct. Chewing can not only provide your dog with stimulation but more importantly it may help reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth loss by helping to keep your dog’s jaws strong and teeth clean.