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Hownd Playful Pup Body Mist 250ml

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DOGS LOVE HOWND - Playful Pup Body Mist can be sprayed onto a puppy’s dry fur after bathing and between washes to help keep its coat gleaming, refreshed and smelling gorgeous. Just spritz, then brush or rub the mist into your puppy’s fur to release the playful scent of rose, lemongrass and orange essential oils.

We are impressed with HOWNDs ethos pals, including award winning products made in the UK.  Cruelty free, organic and vegan - these products really tick our boxes for being responsible and of the best quality.

GENTLE ODOUR NEUTRALISATION: Experience the power of gentle yet effective odour neutralization with our Dog Perfume Spray. Say goodbye to smelly dogs, and welcome a pet that's refreshed and free from unwanted odours. Our Dog Deodorant Spray offers instant and long-lasting freshness. Designed to combat pet odours, this spray keeps your canine companion smelling clean and pleasant, making cuddles even more enjoyable.

THE ETHICAL CHOICE - This product contains ABSOLUTELY NO Alcohol, Parabens, Soaps or Dyes. It is Cruelty Free International Certified and accredited by PETA and the Vegetarian Society (Vegan). The Dog Deodorant Spray is safe to use with topical flea products, too.

TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS: Grooming experts rely on our Dog Deodorant Spray for Smelly Dogs. With its quality and efficacy, it's a favoUrite among pet groomers. Give your pet the same salon-worthy freshness from the comfort of your home. Give the bottle a little shake. Spritz generously on a dry coat after grooming, or in between baths, for a gleaming coat and nourished skin. Brush or rub through to release the super-fresh scent. Avoid your pooch's face.

BRITISH COMPANY: Hownd is a UK company and it's the most ethically certified, adopted and loved by professionals. We're here to help dog owners keep their dogs healthy and happy by creating super products to make dogs feel and look super. Because when your best friend feels super, you do too.