RUKKA Cooling Vest
RUKKA Cooling Vest
RUKKA Cooling Vest
RUKKA Cooling Vest

RUKKA Cooling Vest

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Rukka's cooling vest is designed to keep your dog from overheating on hot summer days.

The efficiency of the vest is based on the cooling effect of water. The vest is rinsed in cold water, wrung out and then put on.

The vest efficiently cools the dog’s chest and belly area from where the cooling effect spreads to the whole body. The product has an excellent absorption capacity.

The vest is quick and easy to put on. It is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities and dog shows. The vest covers the whole back area.

Remember pals, cooling products are NOT a substitute for shade, water and keeping out of the heat when possible.


Don't assume your size, as brands differ in what they consider to be a certain size. Always measure first to avoid disappointment.

Size Back length (neck to base of tail) Neck Girth (at widest point)
XS 27 27  28-40
S 32 34 36-50
M 41 40 44-56
L 50.5 47 54-64
XL 61 54 64-82